Sunday, February 6, 2011


Have you been wondering what we've been doing?
School, swimming, baking, coloring, making things.

In fact, you can see some of that coloring on Q4's fingers.
Q4 alone
You won't find it on her floor. No, because we washed it off. Mostly. But it wasn't easy. I KNOW it was an accident (it had that just a FLICK off the page quality to it) but I can't say I was pleased to see it. And when she was told to wash it up, she took a facecloth to wash it. When confronted with that reality she said, "But I'm not using hand soap!" True, and a step above what C6 and her friend C7 did the other week, pretending to be prairie girls washing the floor with hand soap and faceclothes.

You can see what C6 made here. A hat of sorts.
C6 alone
But mostly she's been making clothes for her dogs, Dotty and Spotty. The dalmation cousins. Family names. Cashmere hats, sweaters, scarfs, and a raincoat out of the snowskirt materials. Nice.

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