Sunday, March 13, 2011


Q4's reading is getting quite fluent, so much so that people comment on her reading in public, and she enjoys reading to us (almost) as much as getting read to by us. Here she is reading a graphic novel to C41.

Q4 reading to C41

She's into fairy books, and Disney princess books (though fairies more at the moment), and BabyMouse books. She doesn't like to read a chapter book to herself by herself (too much!) but that is all she takes out of the library these days.

We went to the thrift store today and had a hard time finding books for Q4. C6 had a pile about a foot deep, but Q4 kept nixing any books we suggested. About dinosaurs? Nope. About sports? Nope. About a girl detective? .... nah.

No matter, she's reading where ever we go, signs, announcements, messages, etc. any public reading matter is not free from her observation.

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