Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finally, time for a little birthday celebration

Rain rain rain ... the drive to Massachusetts took a long time, but when we finally arrived at ME65 and R68s house we arrived at a party! Party for Q5, K7, and C6. Yes, it isn't even near C6s birthday, but she's decided to forgo a fall gift from Katie so she could participate and get a gift in the spring. I like it. You get enough gifts around your birthday, a half birthday is a bonus.

I'm just going to make this a photo-palooza, OK?

Q5 C6 C6months and K7

Adorable all. C6mo makes the rest of the girls look like they are in b&w, doesn't she? Notice C6 trying to get in all the photos?

C6monthsC6Q5 K7

I took FOUR photos of G, G, and C ... in every single one G had her eyes shut!!

G&G and C6months ME64 and C6mo

A happy birthday, delicious cake (Thank you M41!!), and wonderful family.

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