Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

The kids have been bugging for an egg hunt. C6 got M42 to do an egg hunt at her house last week (the camera was pooping out so no pictures) which they enjoyed a great deal. And when we returned home we did one here, too.

So we called up our friends who come over on Easter and do an egg hunt with us. C6 & Q5 hid the eggs, so when J3 & C7 came over we'd be ready to go.

Hiding the eggs:

C6 easter Q5 easter
Easter Egg in the Phlox

Neither of the girls hid the eggs with particular desire to HIDE the eggs. They were just plopping them in the yard here and there and I had to tell them to put them out of the way so you had to actually LOOK here and there for them. They told me that M42 had just put them out in the open in the yard. Next year we'll make M41 make her hiding a little bit more difficult!

But once our friends got here, Q5 realized she didn't want to search for eggs at all, all she wanted to do was hand out the lollypops that didn't fit into the eggs. So she went inside and just hung out on the stairs until I found her. I am not sure why she didn't want to search for eggs, but I asked her to help J3 who has particularly bad eyesight. So she did. Then she handed out the lollies (in the Mason jar).

Q5 and the lollies

C6, however, enjoyed the hunt a great deal. I told her she couldn't find the eggs she'd hidden, only the eggs Q5 had hidden. She had a great time searching for the eggs.

C6 on the hunt

Then we gorged on jelly beans and chocolate eggs. C7 & C6 did a trade (C7 wanted chocolate, C6 gladly took the jelly beans).

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