Sunday, April 10, 2011

New game.

We spent a lot of the day outside. I helped out a bit at the pool's workday. The kids started outside, but it was a little chilly so they read in the car instead. Then we walked to a friend's house and home. Q4 did NOT want to walk there, but I managed to get her onto the sidewalk and interested in the journey there by suggesting that they count the spots of bird poop on the sidewalk. It worked. By the time we hit Jefferson St. We'd gotten up to 67 spots of bird poop. Fascinating.

Then after we returned home, and had a wee bit of quiet time they decided to play outside again. I'm not sure exactly what it was they were playing, but it involved parasols (umbrellas), books, shoes, and flowers. I wasn't thrilled, but have come to expect, that many many of the flowers in our yard will be picked. Just so. Today they were picked and replanted in a veggie box.

There was some reading ... or was it sliding? ... going on, too.

Q4 reading on slide

Notice this picture includes a book, shoes, umbrella, and ... the flowers in the flower raised bed are just out of the photos.

We ate dinner outside and then finally to bed.

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