Friday, April 15, 2011

Q4 is now Q5!

On Friday, Q4 turned Q5 at 1:20 AM. Half a decade old, and fiesty as ever. She's been excited all week since she's been counting down the days to her birthday.

The day befor her birthday Q4 got a package from J&C. We let her open it.

Q5 opening gift Q5 and dress

She loved the dress, but we threw it in the wash to get the too new feeling out of it. Then she sat on the couch and spent a good half-hour doing the sticker book.
Q5 doing sticker book

On the morning of her birthday the first thing Q5 did was (I think) was open the long anticipated giant box from N&P. I think she honestly was jumping up and down when she pulled out the princess bedding, but we don't have it on camera or video because C41 was still dopy from his Las Vegas trip.

She tried to wear her new dress from J&C, but it was in the wash. So old clothes it was.

After dinner Q5 opened gifts from C41, C6, and me. Her one request to us was that she get a Tangled (the movie), Jasmine (Aladdin, the movie), and Mulan II (the movie). We managed to find Tangled and Mulan II, but Aladdin has been out of stores for so long that we'll just borrow it from the library if we need to. She was very happy opening these! She just sat and read the backs of the DVDs for a while.

Q5 gets the DVD she wanted

Oh, and C6 bought Q5 a beautiful, flowery, springy notepad and a sparkly dog pen and a card ... gifts I think that she herself would very much like.

Q5 opening C6s gift

I didn't monitor what C6 wrote ... but look at the sentiment she shared on the inside.

Inside C6s card - both sides

How much better can that get? Not much.


  1. Glad you got a photo of this. I don't think I've ever seen that kind of appreciation between sibs of their ages.

  2. I know I certainly wouldn't have written that at age 6!