Friday, May 20, 2011

As the garden grows

Our garden is looking fantastic.

Garden Plots

From the front you can see onions and a weeeeeee bit of spinach in the 1st box, the beans (growing like CRAZY) and a bit of the snap peas in the 2nd box, tomatoes, basil, and parsley in the 3rd, asparagus and dill in the 4th, and what lookls like a completely empty box is our newest box with corn in it.


C41 built me a new box about 2 weekends ago. I think this was the easiest box to make, since it was on nearly level ground. The rest are on fairly steep slopes. We planted corn in the new box, for Q5. She REALLY wanted corn, and I was willing to give it a try again. We tried a few years ago, but the racoons ate the corn when the ears got to be about 2 inches long. This time we have a bed, C41 is going to put chicken wire around it, and the racoons (I HOPE!) won't get to eat it.

Please. Please. Please.

But, at the very least we'll have corn stalks for Halloween.

And in the meantime, our raspberries are looking great. Last year a neighbor offered up raspberry canes to the neighborhood, and we got about 6. That plus all the random shoots that just keep popping up, we seem to have a good crop coming up. C41 was very excited, since it looks like a fair number to him. What he forgets is that even if there is a fair number of raspberries C6, Q5, and I can eat them all before he gets home at night.


We also have some gourds and strawberries growing in the front yard. A lot of space in the asparagus bed that needs to be filled, as the roots we planted seem to be duds (although we have about 5 or so actual asparagus from the plants we planted) (which of course we aren't eating).

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  1. And the poor little surviving blueberry has a few flowers/fruits on it ... assuming the birds don't take them before Celeste does ...

    Also, if I remember correctly, the bush the city planted out front is a red chokeberry, which can be used to make a jelly ...