Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ocean City, NJ

We spent a few days at Ocean City, NJ this week, visiting friends and the beach.

C42 and C6 played putt-putt golf (C6 got the high score of 147)

C6 Golf

We walked along the boardwalk and ate pizza at Mack and Manco's and frozen custard at Kohr's.

E40 at Mack and Manco's Q5 on the boardwalk

But most importantly, I think C6 would attest, we visited the amusement parks.

On the bumper cars:

C6 and R8 Bumper Cars

Bumper boats:

Bumper Boats!

The swings:

R8 and C6 swings

The rollar coaster:

C6 rollar coaster

Q5's favorite, the carousel:


Q5 is very picky about what rides she goes on. She wasn't sure about going on the kiddie log flume ride, but she decided she could go on if I went on. You had to be under 62" tall, so I squeeeeeeked in. OK, fine, I sashayed in, it wasn't a problem.


And the antique cars:


C42's favorite part of the trip might have been the ferry home.

Q5 on Ferry C42 on Ferry C6 on Ferry

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