Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Do you know how difficult it is to find 100% cotton nightgowns for girls these days? All nightgowns are made of ick polyrayonmelty materials that bead up into rough yuck. Although you can buy handmade nightgowns which are beautiful, I haven't gone to those lengths.

But, with a little searching around I found that a viable, easy, cheap, alternative is pillowcase nightgowns.

Lots of tutorials for these (like this, and this, and this), but my favorite was this one from Sew, Mama, Sew!

I decided to do a split neck with a ribbon instead of a wrapped bodice, and that looked darned cute. And then Q5's pillowcase had a hole in it, so I had to put a heart over the hole. And I didn't have enough fabric to make two all white nightgowns, so the one with the heart has a pink bodice. And since I was changing the pattern I made some lovely fluffy ruffly sleeves to go with it instead of the more sedate sleeves that C7's gown has.

Q6 in nightgown

Q7's gown is a bit big. I made her bodice the same size as C7's because it is a well known fact that her chest is bigger than C7's. Or it was this summer, back to front, anyway, so the gown is a little big on her. Luckily I made her skirt shorter or it would be dragging on the ground big. C7 generously offered to take both and let me make two more.

C7 and Q5 full frontal nightgowns The look

But I think big is OK, nobody likes a tight nightgown.

C7 and Q5 in nightgowns

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