Thursday, September 15, 2011

Away and back and all that in between

C42 was away for a week and N. came to visit and help out. Ah. It was lovely to have help.

For the most part C7 & Q5 just wanted to go to Yogi Castle and stay at home, but we did manage to get one visit to the National Arboretum.

We bought fish food.

Q5 with H2O

Then fed the fish, of course.

feeding the fish

While the fish were their favorite part, we managed to get over to the herb garden where we heard a frog, then saw a different frog.


I got the girls to stand with their favorite herbs, but C7's picture was hideous, so here is just Q5 in the dye garden.

Q5 with her favorite plants

But C7 let me take pictures.

C7 in sun C7

C7 sitting C7 smile sitting

We left through the biofuels exhibit, which was interesting. They had examples of switchgrass, soybeans, and other examples of plants which might be used for fuels.

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