Monday, September 19, 2011

The hills are alive ...

A couple of weeks ago we introduced Q5 & C7 to The Sound of Music. They loved the movie. Everything about it. So C42 downloaded the soundtrack, one copy for each girl.

C7's favorite track is The lonely goatherd and My favorite things. She also really likes the confidence song that Maria sings on the way to the Von Trapp family for the first time.

Q5 really likes edelweiss and (how do you solve a problem like) Maria

So that means of course we hear those songs over and over and over again. It gets tiresome. Sometimes it is so quiet you don't notice until you realize that you are singing The lonely goatherd and then your head starts to explode.

It isn't always like that, however.

Both girls also really like 16 going on 17 ... both girls love this. Actually, I do, too, until I start paying attention to the words. But C7 and Q5 have started acting it out, as well. Here's the video.

I love the penultimate time around Q5 starts to march in time with the music and then her last time around she does a little twirl and then keeps on going. Precious.

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