Sunday, September 4, 2011

Introducing ... C7!

Yes, C is now C7. At 8:14 am 2003 2004 C7 was born. (yes, I had the year wrong! Thanks to wrinkledman who pointed that out.)

This morning she woke and was thrilled to find a pile of gifts waiting for her. We made her have breakfast first (oatmeal pancakes which neither she nor Q5 liked). The we let her open gifts.

C7 and gifts C7 and smiles

The haul? Books, books, books and clothes. Exactly what she wanted. EXACTLY.

The following is a recreation of the actual events that happened when C7 opened the package that contained the book she wanted most of all:

Seriously. Only it was louder and more spontaneous. She was out of her mind with joy.

After all the clothes and gifts were open she cataloged her books:

Not only that, bought C7 a cat stuffie ... a cat. C42 tried to disuade her, but she insisted. And C7 loves it. Phew. Although I think Q5 MIGHT have been trying to get it for herself.


  1. If she was born in 2003, shouldn't she be C8?

  2. Normally that would be correct. But we decided to skip right over 2006 so I could have Quinlan in peace, so she really is just 7.