Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quickie visit!

OK, so this was a couple of weeks ago. But, at that time, Ninoo and Papa were here. We went to the Navy Yard Museum, where we got locked out of the campus and had to walk around. But we saw some big ships on the walk, including this one, so that was fun anyway!

three at the navy yard

C7 got to see stuff about Pearl Harbor. Lots of it. She enjoyed the museum quite a bit, I was surprised, actually. But she's all about death and mayhem, and there was enough about Pearl Harbor to keep her interest piqued.

But best of all, I think, was that Q5 got to play on a big big big gun.

Wait, did I say that was best? No, best was the fact that after that we went for icecream.

I think these photos really represent our children: C7 has a dirty face and Q5 has a silly face. Oh, and see the sticker on my shirt in the background? When I said I was going to go change my shirt since I had a coffee-drip stain on it C7 gave me a pumpkin sticker to stick over it instead. Sweet.

C7 ice cream

Q5 ice cream

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