Saturday, October 22, 2011

Party prep

Q5 went to a party this weekend, and wrapped the gift by herself. She asked if I would video her. Sure. So here it is. Four videos of Q5 wrapping a gift. Proud moments:

Q5 cuts out the piece of paper. Too small.

Q5 pulls off too much tape and then it gets tangled and so she rips some off and tapes it to the floor behind her back.

Q5 gives me a look and a "Mumma!" that means what the heck are you doing???!?? and attempts to tie a bow.

Q5 actually ties a bow using the "bunny-ears" method. I don't know where I learned this method. I thought it was C42 who taught it to me but he denies it. So I must have learned it somewhere. C42 thinks it is cheating, but, eh, they can both tie bows now!

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