Friday, November 11, 2011

I love these pictures.

Reading on the porch

Q5 is reading things like The Magic Treehouse series, and attempting to read Choose Your Own Adventure books, with limited success, I might add, because, as a sight reader, words she doesn't know, she just doesn't know! Which has made reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books fun, but difficult. Some difficult words last night: civilization, Mayan, ancient, Yucatan.

I think what Q5 is reading in this photo is a Dorrie book by Patricia Coombs. We have two old library copies, and I'm thrilled that she's reading them. I remember going downstairs in the Lunenburg Library and reading all the Dorrie books they had. I picked the two we have up at a church sale, and am in search of more. If anybody reading this has any of the old Dorrie books please send. They don't show up at the thrift store often, and they are just awesome.

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