Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swimming lessons are over for the season

Q5 passed into Beginners III, she did everything listed on the sheet except the breaststroke, but I don't recall them learning the breast stroke. Or maybe I just wasn't able to see.

Just to let you know, Q5 complained 6 out of the 8 weeks about going to swim lessons. But she has a great time whenever she goes, because she makes friends and chats the whole time. Like this.

C7 did not pass Advanced Beginners, but she was pleased that Q5 passed into Beginners III. Now they are just one class apart and MAYBE they'll get to be in the same class in the future.

C7 did pass the elementary backstroke and the dive, and I think she does a good back crawl, but apparently not good enough. I guess the fact that she has no pool awareness and almost drowns a child is reason enough to not pass her in the back crawl. See:

But the elementary backstroke and dive apparently are past advanced beginners, so that is good.

Swim lessons are over for the season, they resume January 7. Can't wait!

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