Saturday, December 3, 2011

4 park day

After lunch I offered the kids quiet time or the park, and they chose the park. There was a bit of negotiating over which park to go to, and how to get there, but in the end we decided to go to Bladensburg park, in (of all places) Bladensburg. I was hoping to see the newly opened boardwalk, but it wasn't to be. The kids played for a while at the park, and then headed for the gazebos.

Instead of going to the gazebo with them, I walked across the bridge, hoping to get the kids interested in going over the bridge and getting a mini walk in. Well, that worked, somehow, on my way back over the bridge they crossed over and so we all crossed over and we managed to convince them that we should take a little walk. I knew there was another park nearby, because back when we had Big Blue I'd sometimes take the kids there for a long walk.

In the end, it turned out to be about a 2 mile walk, round trip, but there was no complaining, and we hit 3 playgrounds. On the way to the first we met a wooly caterpillar. C7 proceeded to give it what Q5 called a "Thanksgiving Feast" and when C7 reminded here that we were done with Thanksgiving Q5 changed it to a "Christmas Feast"

Watching a Caterpillar Kids & Caterpillar

The girls wanted us to move the caterpillar, or at least stay and watch it, but we promised to check on it on the way back (which we did, and it was gone, but the feast of leaves and dried grass was still there) so they moved on.

The sun was bright so C7 took my hat. It think I need a new hat, because I'm not sure I am going to get that one back.

Celeste Greeting the Sun Stylish Celeste

Once at the playground both girls loved the zip line, and a kind of gopher hole play structure. Q5 enjoyed the merry go round quite a bit, but didn't like sharing. I sat down and C42 took my photo. Ok, he took it twice because once I saw the first I made him take it again. Yes, believe it or not this is the better one.


Then C42 took off over the hill and yelled back to us that there was another playground! Neat, I hadn't known this, so we set off for the new playground. We didn't stay there long, but C42 went over the next ridge and Q5 got a little anxious and worried that she couldn't see him, so she and I set out to find him. Which we easily did. She ran to get him while C7 swung on the swings, then we all walked back.

From Bladensburg park, the area we ended up at didn't look elevated, but the park area is on top of a hill, and it commanded a really really nice view. It was quiet except a faint drone from Kenilworth Ave, and the birds.

After a bit more playing we headed back, made one more stop at a locale neighborhood park, but it was a great disappointment. So back over the bridge and to Bladensburg park. It was a lovely afternoon.

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