Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas day

By this time, Q5 was overtired, overstimulated, and overexcited. So, things weren't so good at times for her. But for the most part the kids were great.

The girls woke early, of course, although we kept them abed until 6:00 am. Just barely. But once it was 6:00 am they were downstairs like a shot and headed to those stockings.

Best things in the stockings were barrettes (on Wednesday, Q5 lost a barrette at school. The last day of school before break. Real sadness, concern, and crying ensued. Mostly, probably, from the stress of Christmas coming up and the anticipation of the trip. So we headed back to school to look in her classroom and the playground for the barrette. Actually, I had to force Q5 to go. She did not want to go. But she got in the car. When we got to the school I had to drag her into the school. No, drag is the wrong word, I had to physically pick her up to get her into the school. She was devestated at the loss of her barrette, because it was securing her hair in what she called her "Christmas hairstyle." So when we left the school having been unsuccessful in our search C7 said, "Q7, let's ask Santa to bring barrettes! Santa, please, please, please bring Q5 barrettes." Well. He did.) Maraschino cherries, Connectagons, and umbrellas.

Umbrella Maraschino Cherries 2

After stockings we waited until G35 and C1 were up, and although we didn't take photos of present opening, here are some in front of the tree dancing. Actually, these are really nice photos of C7. She's stopped making crazy faces all the time.

C7 with tree Q5 with tree With Tree

Later we went and had a great afternoon at M42's house. Q5 again had some difficulties (She was assuming the world wasn't being good to her. Mostly because we all forgot that she loved horses, and thought she loved kitties. Which she does. But the pendulum has swung horse-wise for the time being. But this was all due to tiredness, I think, she's back to normal now after two good nights of sleep, and the gifts she was crying over ... all interesting now!) but they all had a great time.

At M42's house:

The Cousins

Yeah, it is all out of focus. But they are still cute.

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