Monday, December 12, 2011

Gingerbreading 2011, C7's house

C7 was also looking at gingerbread books, but she didn't want me to copy a picture from a book exactly, but she wanted a dog shelter.

I wasn't sure exactly what a dog shelter might look like, so I decided to make it like an old fashioned store with a false front. And we carved "Dog Shelter" in the gingerbread so everybody could tell it was a dog shelter. Notice the front door is like a dog house door, and the back door is for humans.

C7 also requested specific candies so she could make dogs out of them, but that never actually happened. I loved the way she did her yard, so I did some of the same on Q5's yard ... load on the candy!

Dog shelter undecorated

And starting from the upper left the decorated dog shelter:

The front with the words "dog shelter" (notice the door changed sides!), the right side of the shelter (I'm not sure what to say about this side), the back of the shelter (notice the Hawaiian trees), and finally, the left side of the shelter (with the great rainbow roof!),

C7 Dog shelter 1 C7 Dog shelter 2
C7 Dog shelter 3 C7 Dog shelter 4

And the view from above!

C7 Dog shelter

We had fun!

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