Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Tea

The whole class!

Q5 has a big class. They had to add a classroom at the beginning of the year to accommodate all the children. I think it is very close to 100 children. It is hard to see Q5 in this picture because she is short, behind a child with very large hair, white, and in a sunbeam, so she gets washed out. But she is there.

Q5 Q5 and P6

They did a holiday tea Friday morning for parents. I have been sluggish all week at work except for Friday when I had two MUST ATTEND events. Bugger. But C42 went.

For your listening pleasure!
Little snowman:

Light the candle:

and Jingle Bells:

After all the holiday revelry the kids and parents went to the cafeteria for cookie, hot chocolate and a craft.

Q5 craft
Q5 craft complete

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