Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow in Massachuetts

The day before Christmas Eve and it snowed a very little bit. C7, Q5, C42, and ME65 went out and played in it.

2011-11-23_8.21.15 2011-11-23_8.18.54 2011-11-23_8.41.35

While they were outside they wandered over to the eight holly trees between my parent's yard and the neighbors. Discussion ensued because seven of the trees had berries (female bushes) and one did not (male bush).

ME65: Do you think 1 male can take care of 7 females?
Q5: How can 1 male marry 7 females?
C42: Hem, haw ... Utah ... before being admitted to the Union ...
ME65: Um, er, eh ...
Q5: BWAHAHAHAHAH! Trees can't get married!!

Zing! She got them.

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