Sunday, January 29, 2012


Two years ago we went ice skating, and really, it wasn't the most successful of endeavors. I think we tried again last year and C6 had a fit over the Zamboni.

But we decided to go again. When we told C7 she blew her stack and went apoplectic, but we just said she had to go and enjoy herself and get hot chocolate, or go and not enjoy herself and be a pill and annoy the heck out of the rest of us and NOT get hot chocolate.

She wisely opted for door number 1 and came willingly. She even put on pants and mittens without a fuss.

We all unloaded from the car and who was there but .... the same girl and her mom we went skating with two years ago! Not to mention a whole host of other people we knew, including Q5's good friend K5 and C7's best friend M7.

SO ... they both had a great time, they both skated by themselves, slowly and carefully, but they enjoyed themselves.

C7 skates IMG_20120129_142125

K5 and Q5 drink hotchocolate Q5 skates

Q5 proudly told anybody who would listen that she went around the whole way without holding my hand and without falling. It's true. She did.

And the next day ... C7 was asking to go again. We'll go again next weekend.

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