Thursday, March 15, 2012


In school recently C7's class was asked to write out whether they'd rather be famous or live forever, and why. Many of the children chose famous so they'd have a lot of money.

C7 also chose famous, but her explanation was so she wouldn't be alive when the polar ice caps melted. I asked her why and she said that on the first day of Green Team (a TAG thing) one of the teachers said that when the polar ice caps melt the world will flood. That was enough to make her decide to not live forever.

I'm listening to them talk about it now, and C7 is saying if she were famous she'd give the money to charity. Q5 would like to live forever and be famous, because if she was famous, and if she had the power of freezing water, (and that was why she was famous) then when the polar ice caps melted she could freeze it back over, and save the polar bears.


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