Monday, April 16, 2012

Mt. Vernon

K8 really wanted to visit Mt. Vernon while she was here visiting. Q6 made a little fuss about it being HER birthday and HER day and SHE should get to choose. But ... we still went to Mt. Vernon and everybody had a great time. We didn't stay too long, and we went early. We were there by 8:00 for an 8:20 tour. We had bought an extra ticket thinking that MM was coming, but he didn't. We missed him, but we sold his ticket to a lovely stranger who bought it from me after I asked the ticket office if they'd take a return.

We brought Flat Stanley along for the girls' cousins in Georgia.

Flat Stanley at Mt. Vernon

Flat Stanley at Mt. Vernon

Flat Stanley with sheep

flat stanley and a sheep

After going through the house (no photos, please) we sat outside and looked in the little out buildings here and there.


The girls love the necessary. I love the necessary.

3 girls at the necessary

We headed down to the Potomac, visited the 16-sided barn, and a little slave house. We stayed at the slave house a long time. The girls pounded corn, threw the corn to the chickens, and told the interpreters that there were squirrels in the chicken house. They knew. They didn't care. I'm betting every single guest tells them there are chickens in the hen house!

C7 and chickens

C7 and the chickens

And we saw and smelled a lot of animals. I think they had 80+ lambs.

100_9263 Q6 and sheep 2

Good times.

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