Friday, April 20, 2012

new haircuts

New haircuts today. The girls' hair was getting much too long. Initially neither girl wanted a haircut, but last night I said "Tomorrow we'll go to HairCuttery and then YogiCastle" and the objections on lips faded a bit. C7 said we could cut up to the birthmark on her neck (that's short!) Q6 was nervous, still, but waiting in the waiting room at the HairCuttery she saw some hair color products in People Magazine (pink! purple! blue!) and I told her we could buy some after her haircut. So she willingly went to get her hair cut.

The hairdressers were great and made both girls feel great. And it was so sweet, both girls kept telling each other how cute the new haircuts looked.

The bangs look super cute on C7! My suggestion, but her choice. Actually, she wanted them over her eyes so she'd look like a sheepdog.

Q6's hair is slightly shorter than her shoulders, but it is difficult to tell in this photo. I think it should have gone a tiny bit shorter so Q6 couldn't chew it.


H6 visited after haircuts, so I included her in the picture.


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