Saturday, June 16, 2012

First swim meet

c7 really likes the swim team. Yes, she complains when she is hungry and tired, but she loves it. She was kicked out of practice the other day for not paying attention and it made her cry. Luckily it was only about 2 minutes before practice ended.

But today was the first meet.  We joined the team with the understanding that we did not need to
  1. Do any stroke she didn't want to;
  2. Wear the team swimsuit; and 
  3. Wear a swim cap.
So, all the kids were getting together at the end of the pool for warm up and two boys were complaining about swim caps and C7 told them they didn't need to wear one .... and they insisted Yes, You Did! and she insisted No, You Didn't!

Minutes later I saw her crying because Indeed, You Did!

Ug. This was a dealbreaker for C7. We didn't even HAVE a swim cap. A friend lent us a softy one, but C7 rejected it. Then after much talk from an older swim team member (the older kids are VERY good to the younger kids), we found out that she could just put her hair in a ponytail.

Ah. PHEW. Now we needed to find a ponytail holder. Same prepared friend took one off her wrist and handed a wonderful pink ponytail holder over, which I looped into C7's hair, and off she went.

C7's events were the 25M freestyle and the 25M backstroke. First up, event #10, the freestyle.

First the kid wrangler calls the kids and a kid mover brings them to a faraway corner and wait. It was in the shade, so that was good. As their event gets closer they move up in the waiting area. And then two heats or events out they stand behind the chairs at the end of the lane. Then, when they are next, they sit in the chairs.

C7 behind the chair C7 in the chair

Then they are up on the end. The announcer says on your mark, get set ... then a beep/light and off they go.

C7 get set C7 swimming

And she finished the race.

C7 finishes the freestyle

Happy girl!
C7 after first race

Her next race was the backstroke ... HOURS later. S'OK we brought books and crafts which we did in between races. But then she did the backstroke. My video was lame, but other than the random cement and water shots it is acceptable.

Watch for her false start.

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