Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garden update

Remember the garden about a month and a half ago?

Now look:
We have tons of tomatoes, and they are starting to turn!
Tomatoes turning

The artichoke is SLOWLY growing. Slowly. Don't know if this will produce anything.

We harvested a good chunk of onions and garlics, but all too small. But "we" I mean C7 who just wanted to pull them. Eh. But here is what is left: the bigger garlics! They are wilting appropriately.
Garlic dying

My beans look fantastic, but no flowers (or beans) yet.
Bean poles

And the squash is so tiny. What to do? Not enough sun? Water? fertilizer? I don't know! I don't think it is water, they aren't drooping and I mulched. I've watered a nice deep watering once a week if it doesn't rain. I fertilized and watered a few days ago; hope that helps. Flowers, but just little tiny plants. Ug. I want my zucchini!

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