Saturday, June 30, 2012


Vacation week at Wildwood Crest!

E on Wildwoods sign 2012-06-26 07.19.49

We were about a mile from the boardwalk in Wildwood, which was nice. Or should I say, thank goodness, because otherwise I'd have eaten Kohr's frozen custard at every single meal.

(note the blue lips below. Polish water ice)
Girls on Balls 2012-06-29 20.28.55

I could just say the girls had fun. Not true. They had FUN!

Amusement parks, swimming in the pool, body surfing in the ocean, biking (OK, that was me having fun with that one), water park, Ocean City NJ for putt putt (We went to OC to visit friends, but once we got there we realized there was no mini-golf in the Wildwoods, but a mini-golf about every 15 feet in OC), ice cream, cousins, cousins, cousins.

Did I forget anything? Pictures. We forgot the camera. So we have a few pictures from the phone and M43 and ME66.

On the flying galleon!
C7 and K8 on Ferris 2012-06-26 16.23.44

On carousel (Q6 rode this 10 times in a a row. The operators stopped making her go around to get in line. They'd just grab her wrist and scan it.). Q6 has been cautious with rides, and won't try new potentially dangerous rides. So when we were in OC she went on the carousel ... but it was broken and went around twice, that's it, it was so slow. So eventually she tried the swings. And did them 4 times. Afterwards, she told me: "I tried to be scared, but I couldn't! I loved it!"
Q6 on carousel 2012-06-26 14.27.37

New beach cover ups on the older girls. Q6 looked at her dress and immediately loved C7's more but we convinced her that hers was great and that ha ha ha, she'd be getting C7's soon, anyway! She realized we were right and has worn it every day since. I described the dresses as C7's being daybreak, K8's as being moonrise, and Q6's as being a party. That helped, too.
dresses three

The girls biked to the park a few times, biked with Pep, biked with me on the boardwalk. K8 and Q6 were biking too close together. Going North Q6 swerved, K8 swerved to avoid her and hit a baby carriage. All were fine, baby surprised, but not hurt. But then, going South on the boardwalk ... we hit the SAME FAMILY again. Ridiculous.

Boogie boarding ... I think they all loved this, I only saw this a few times because M43 and MM took them to do this and generously shared their boogie boards.

kcq boogie board

They had fun. They spent by far the most time in the pool at the hotel. A lovely salt water pool. Ahh. Small, but warm and wonderful.

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