Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dude Ranch

Drive drive drive more than 8 hours in the car and we arrived in Tennessee, just 15 minutes early. So we waited at the gate of the French Broad River Outpost Dude Ranch.

Broad River Outpost Ranch Sign

And we took some photos while waiting. I love these.

C7&Q6 II C7&Q6 I

Eventually, though, they let us in. And this is the first view of the ranch we have. We stayed in the bit with the red roof, on the 2nd floor. Our room faced the mountain (West?) so we had a nice dark room in the mornings. The balcony here was accessible for everybody on the floor, though, so we could hang out there (when it wasn't too hot). I'm surprised there are no horses in this picture, actually.

The lodge

Once you got out on the balcony you saw this:

Panorama I Panorama II

That is a really big view ... basically 2 panoramas, back to back, hills to the left and right. We were lucky with weather, the thunderstorms rumbled through, but skirted our valley the days we were there. We heard a lot of rumbles, but saw little rain.

Tomorrow: our first time on horses!

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