Monday, July 9, 2012


You have not seen C7 in jeans since before she was 2. After that time, she really decided she didn't like jeans. Here is one of the last photos of her in jeans, learning to walk in Montana. Yes, barefoot, as she still is.

Celeste at Lake Yellowstone

But today, we went out and bought jeans. Not for any aesthetic reason, but because we needed them for the upcoming trip to the dude ranch in TN. You need to wear jeans to ride the horses. So, I managed to buy her a pair, and a cute shirt to go with it. Here is the absolute worst photos I could take of her as she attempts to unbutton and put a dress back on.

100_9585 C7 in Jeans and a plaid shirt

But, look, she's wearing jeans!!!

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