Thursday, August 16, 2012

Birthday party

C7  had a pool party for her (upcoming) birthday. Cool! It was amorphous and squishy, which was a challenge for me. The centerpiece of the party was the "decorate your own cupcake" extravaganza, which included lots of cupcakes, tons of frosting, and a bushel of sprinkles.

Table view 3

M8, C7, and E6 decorating cupcakes

Cupcake eating. And eating. And eating!
C7 with another cupcake C7 smile C7 eating a cupcake

If you've been to any of our parties -- or seen them online -- you'll recognize the rainbow candy sticks and the dog pops. So, I'm recycling ideas. But I think they are good ideas.
Candy sticks 1 C7 and candy sticks dog pops

and for the adults? Delicious blue cake. This was the same recipe as the rainbow cake, but all blue for C7. And only 3 layers.  Plus, it was filled with lemon curd and raspberry jam. Tasted GREAT.

Blue cake

Oh, and all those sprinkles? Ended up in Q's hair. On purpose.

Q6 with sprinkles in hair smile Q6 with cupcake

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