Monday, November 12, 2012


G&G came down to visit this weekend with their cuties, CC2 and S9months. I'm just going to call her S from her on in.

Of course, our house is not baby proofed anymore, nor do we have baby toys lying around. So Saturday night I pulled out the old awesome standby: Open up the lower cabinets and let 'em at it.

S 9 months 2

AND pull out the pots and pans and let them bang while C8 played the piano in the background. We banged so hard we broke a wooden spoon!

The next day we went down to the Museum of American History. Same old same old inside, but we exited around noon, and Q6 asked for water ice, and C43 said yes, and went off to buy water. When he came back with water for Q6 she melted down and we realized food was in order. After a pretzel snack the kids played on the grass for about an hour.

C8 on grassQ8 and CC2
CC2 Q6 and C8CC2 and Q6

Home, and the little girls took a nap. Q6 and C8 managed to get G36 on the trampoline.

Autumn has come to Hyattsville, and the weekend was really gorgeous. The weekend weather was just perfect.

Finally, this morning we had to leave by 7:45 to get to teacher-parent conferences, so G & G & kids decided to leave at the same time. We were a little late, because we were trying to get this photos:


I want to show you the outtakes ... Q6 loves to photobomb!

G's family and Q6 Q6 photobombs G's family

And a few more versions. CC2 was NOT happy to be doing this, but I'm glad we persevered!

By red tree Squish on the swing

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