Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Maryland

The stockings were hung by the .... armoire with care. But then Santa Claus came, and laid them right there (on the floor).

Stuffed stockings

Santa did good by these girls. The stockings were stuffed with art supplies ... such as crayons, paint brushes, stickie notes, erasers, a label maker for Q6, a pencil sharpener and tape dispenser for C8. And the traditional toothbrush, socks, and chocolate orange, of course. Milk chocolate for C8, dark for Q6.

Opening stockings and then first presents:

Opening StockingsFirst presents

And just in case you think C43 and Pep weren't there because they've not been in photos, here is photographic evidence that they were there AND have empty stockings on their heads. 

Stocking hats

And if you look behind them you'll see we have the fireplace going. The Netflix fireplace.

Tree and fireplace

Lovely time, we'd do it again, anybody who can stand the basement guest room is invited to come and share holidays with us!!!

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