Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Final thoughts on Williamsburg 2012

After saying goodbye the the giant nutcrackers in the hotel, Sunday morning we did a few more things around town.
Q6 and nutcracker againQ6 and giant nutcracker

We visited the Magazine, which neither child showed much interest in. However, behind and under the Magazine was a small little harnessmaker's shop where two leatherworkers were working. They were working on a sheath for a sword and a sheath for a hatchet for another historical site with which CW has ties.

The leather shop

C8 loved this place, and she took a lot of photos of stuff in the shop.

Girls at Leather Workers

shoes and a pot  Tools of the leather trade

One of the last thing we did at Williamsburg was take a carriage ride. Both girls were interested and wanted a closed carriage. I can, however, safely advise you to take an open carriage ride if you have a chance, since it is REALLY difficult to hear your driver in a closed carriage. You miss out on their commentary in a closed carriage.

We went in the Carter Carriage, which made C8 crazy excited, of course. AND the emblem was a dog. They both really enjoyed petting the horses after, as well. Luckily we had a set of horses who didn't mind.

C8 in carriage Q6 getting out of carriage

Carter Carriage Emblam  C8 and horses

And then lunch at Chownings Tavern. They had a great pretzel roll wreath that I'd like to replicate some year.

Chownings  Josiah Chowning

Bread roll wreath

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