Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Somebody gave us their canning materials: waterbath, funnel, canning jars, jar holder, magnetic wand. Stuff. So we made applesauce! We went to the farmer's market and bought a bag of seconds, cooked them up, squished them (this is the point at which C8 started documenting our work) and jarred the applesauce. Into the waterbath and it seems to have worked. We got just shy of 4 quarts of applesauce, one of which is almost gone already.

First you squish it, you squish it!
Hand at machine

Then you drip it, you drip it! The kids though it was funny that this is how I made their baby food, too.
Squishing the sauce

Then you can it, you can it! Only three of the jars, here, the other is in the fridge, and mostly gone ...
And the sauce is done

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