Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday present

We missed S1's first birthday, I'm sorry to say. But we'll be visiting in March/April, and we'll give her her gift then. Random gift! Well, it isn't random, really, but it will FEEL random to her.

We made a cute fabric alphabet with chenille backing. I got a number of fabric scraps from neighbors so I could have a different pattern on each.

Whole alphabet

First I made drawstring bag to put them in. The body of the bag is the same fabric that the "S" is made out of. The top of the bag is the same fabric as the H, and the inside of the bag is the same fabric as on the letter  X, although you can't really see that.


Then I made the letters.
Even though I came very close to running out of chenille, you can see that ABC were the first I made: not nearly as good as XYZ, which were the last. Trial and error isn't always the best way to work, unless you expect to go back and fix A, B, and C. It is a thought, and I might do that. But, by the time I got to D I had my system down. One hint for anybody wanting to do this: Don't zig-zag stitch over paper. Really difficult to get out. S1 will be chewing on paper pulp on the letter B for a few weeks.


And M & N are just good looking.
M & N

Everything is completely washable and chewable. Now, please don't tell S1.

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