Saturday, February 9, 2013


Returning from swim lessons today Q6 asked me why we could see into the past, but we couldn't see into the future. I gave some lines about choices made, and the choices for the future still being wide open ... like we had the choice right now to go to Franklin's Restaurant for lunch & the fundraiser, go home, or take off and head somewhere entirely new, like West Virginia, so we couldn't see the future yet because the choices haven't been solidified.

Minutes later in the Q6 was crying/whining/moaning and she said it was my fault that she was doing that because of something I'd done. Somehow I was able to bring her right back to her question and tell her that she was making the decision about the future right now, and she had a choice about if she was going to cry, or yell, or read, or sit quietly and be happy for the next 6 minutes. Amazingly, she stopped the fuss and thought about it and decided to be happy and change her future for the better.

Since this all started after swimming ... Swimming video! Q is a great backstroker.

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