Monday, March 25, 2013

Yesterday v Today

In like a lion, out like a lamb? Well ... I'm not so sure, this year. We've been able to count the lamb days on one hand, this month. Yesterday was one of them. The girls were out, jumping rope, enjoying the warmish weather. It was a perfect March day ... cool enough to need a coat when you walk out the door, but warm enough to shuck that coat when you start moving.

2013-03-24 10.24.11

TODAY! The tulips and hyacinth are blooming and covered with snow. The Harry Lauder's walking stick is distinguished with a layer of snow on the curls. It is a heavy, wet snow, so we are lucky we haven't lost power. The girls have a two hour delay for school ... it should still be snowing as we walk to school in a half an hour.

2013-03-25 08.13.20

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