Saturday, July 6, 2013

New things

C8 is the same age that I was when I got glasses. Only she has one near-sighted eye and one far-sighted eye. Q7 also tested into glasses but she begged so much the eye doctor said she could wait 6 months and get her vision tested again to see if she still needs them. Fine. C8 didn't fuss at all during the exam, she even started talking about how she'd need glasses, etc. So we thought she was OK with it. Until we went to pick them up on Friday.
2013-07-05 11.21.23

First she tried not going to the eye doctor's to pick up the glasses until I said we were going to Yogi Castle afterwards to celebrate getting glasses. When we got there she barely put them on when she tore them off again.  She had to try them on to make sure they fit correctly. She did not like that. She could barely stand to look at herself in the mirror.  But she did it. Until we left the store then the tears and crying started, so we had to go home instead of Yogi Castle.

Eventually, though, we got C8 to wear the glasses for some time here and there, and we did go out to dinner to celebrate. We had to take pictures on the sly. But look how cute!

2013-07-05 19.55.32

The next day we got another sneaky shot at Udvar-Hazy  on Saturday ... even cuter when she isn't pouting.

2013-07-06 11.11.18-1

I've told her she doesn't need to wear them to Gymkana this week and next, but by August 1, 2013 she should be wearing them full time.

W got a dose of Glasses-Reality when she was waving and yelling "Hi Lillian! Hi Lillian!" from the pool yesterday to a girl who was definitely NOT Lillian. I am not sure the lesson sunk in, but C44 and I took note of it.

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