Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cousin Camp

Cousin camp has begun~

OK, it isn't all the cousins. Just one cousin, K9. But I don't think I could take all of them from both sides. So far, we've done ... nothing special. Saturday we went to the pool and a pool birthday party (including pinata), C44 and I had Bánh mì (basically Vietnamese submarine sandwiches). Mine was rather un-Vietnamese, as I had no cilantro on it. But it was DEEEEE-licious. And the girls had pizza from Franklin's. And of course they stayed up late. So late that I had to separate them, and put Q in her bed. She railed at me for about 5 minutes then she fell in the crack between her mattress and the bookcase and fell asleep.

Today was similar. I sent them outside, they blew up water balloons for 3 hours then came back in. I sent them outside again, where they ate lunch, then they had a short period of time inside and then we went to the pool. We swam, ate baklava, and came home. They played outside before dinner (Go outside or do chores is my new mantra). Dinner, reading, bed.

Nothing special, but pretty much all fun.


Going to try to get them to sleep slightly earlier tonight ... possibly wishful thinking...

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