Monday, October 21, 2013

Independence and Pre-Halloween

Q7 and C9 -- but especially Q7 -- have been doing a lot by themselves lately. Going to the dog park with the dog. Well, sort of a dog park. There is an empty school 2 blocks from here with a lovely fenced in playground. Neighbors use it as a dog park ... it is fantastic. Can let the dogs off leash and away they go. Lots of socialization and exercise. For the dog and the kids. But Q7 is willing to go by herself with the dog. I am hesitant about that, but she's done it twice now. Both C44 and I have talked to some of the other dog owners and they are fine with it. The girls are courteous and respectful (phew). But still, Q7 is only 7. But she seems to enjoy it.

So today, Q7 was riding her bike up and down the street and got bored, so she rode over to K7s house. When she got back she asked if I could photocopy a flyer she'd gotten from school so she could post it all over town. "No" was the short answer. She wanted to DO something on the bike. Like deliver papers. So I asked if she wanted to go buy me something at the store (about 1/4 mile away across 3 streets). The answer was a definite yes. Of course I instantly regretted suggesting that she do that by herself, but if she WANTS to do it then I think she is READY to do it. The streets she has to cross are not busy, and there are crosswalks.

So, Q7 then  decided she wanted to buy candy in order to give it away. C9 loved that idea and got her money, too. This felt better, they could both go.

Both girls brought $3 to the store and headed out on their bikes.

I sat home and played computer games to distract myself. I gave them 20 minutes (until  4) to get home. By 4:05 I decided to walk Lucy to the store after them. As I got to the corner they were coming back. Yay!

They bought candy, and a neighbor also gave them candy. Random, I know, but he is a big Halloween person. And then they put it together....
IMAG1456 IMAG1457

.... labeled it up,
IMAG1459 IMAG1458

and headed out to deliver it.


I'm waiting for them to return now. I told them they could do three stops this evening. They should be home soon.

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