Saturday, April 12, 2014

Georgia! Saturday

Well, we made the drive from Greensboro to Georgia with no problems. While we were there we celebrated Q7's 8th birthday twice. Once the first night we were there (sans twins) and once the 2nd night we were there (with twins). The cupcake cake was delicious and beautiful!!!


On Saturday we did tons. The indoor water park. They had a great little kid structure to play on, and a lazy river that looked as though it was moving at a very fast pace! I got no photos, but thanks to N here both girls coming off the slide. 

Georgia C9 waterslide  Georgia Q7 waterslide

And then that night we went to Medieval Times. L10 was skirting around dressing up so I told her if SHE dressed up I would dress up. In anything that she wanted, provided it fit me. So .... she found me a dress. Ninoo, does it look familiar? The girls said you ALSO got to wear this. And then all the girls dressed up to go. Here we are looking awesome. C9 looks a little pained (she later said the sun was in her eyes), Q7 looking ecstatic to be with her cousins, L10 looking classy, A10 looking like a bridesmaid, and me looking orange!

Georgia Before Medieval Times

And here are A & N at the Medieval Times. A little fuzzy but cute. Ok, a LOT fuzzy.

Georgia A & N at Medieval Times

And Q7 at the table enjoying SOMETHING. Best cheesiest show ever. I really enjoyed it. Or was it just that I got to eat with my fingers? 

Georgia Q7 at Medieval Times

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