Friday, April 11, 2014

Maryland to Greensboro

Last fall I realized I'd not travelled south for a long long time, and that we hadn't seen relatives, and we'd never imposed ourselves on some of them ever. So we had to fix that. Operation Imposition! So we planned a trip for spring break, and we thought we'd hit Greensboro, Charlotte, Lawrenceville, GA, and Charleston. With Q's request that we be home on her birthday we lopped off Charleston (although I'm wondering if we could take a fall visit there, maybe) and made the trip a quickie Greensboro, Lawrenceville, Charlotte, home.

It was the perfect length for us. By the last day the girls were ready to go home, but still able to be mostly pleasant. That's a delicate balance.

SO, spring break arrived and the first leg of our trip ensued. Maryland to Greensboro. The trip took, I don't know, 5 hours, I think. I am not sure. It sure felt long. And the GPS in my car is acting up, so it took me backward at one point, and I (stupidly) did what it said. Oh, well. We got there will really no problems. We were fed a delightful and delicious meal by our hosts, and settled in for bed. Then up for some Greensboro action in the morning.

First, Mary and I hit the gym at 5 am. I LOVE it. Somebody else who works out like I do. We had a good time at the gym, and I made great time on the treadmill going nowhere. Yep, that's right.

The next day Bob took us to this fantastic park. No play equipment. No stuff. No plastic. Just plants and paths and we spent a LOT of time there.

We all loved these little seats ... I thought there was a picture of me somewhere, but I can't find it.

And a lovely photo!

More coming up ....

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