Monday, October 6, 2014

Lucy Dog

She's hairy. She sheds. She jumps. She barks. We've done a horrible job training her.  We follow her around with poop bags. We feed her. Pick up her toys and her sloppy water spills. And put up with the fact that she pees with submission and excitement when she sees us. 

Despite all that I mostly think she's mostly an acceptable pet. She still surprised me yesterday. I came home to find that her dislike of zippers has extended to the couch (sofa. davenport. chesterfield). And she'd ripped up the zipper and pulled out the stuffing. She couldn't do too much because she came upon the springs ... but c'mon.

Yes, I told the kids I was considering donating her to the Value Village thrift store.


She's going back into her "room" when we go out from now on. And as punishment I'm taking her to the vet for vaccinations tomorrow. Ha. Take that, Lucy Dog.

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