Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sleeping outside

Q8 and C45 have slept outside before. I can't remember when. But it was dark, they were in a tent, it was buggy, noisy, and generally fairly uncomfortable at the bottom of our hill past the trampoline.

Last night, however, Q8 wanted to sleep outside,  That seems reasonable to me, but instead of sleeping in a tent at the bottom of our hill with bugs and uncomfortable rocks and dirt, I suggested we sleep on the porch, as I call what everybody else calls the deck.


Might have been my suggestion because I was enjoying the porch at the time. It had been a lovely evening.

2014-10-24 18.37.56  2014-10-24 18.43.50

Whatever it is, though, porch or deck, Q8 agreed, and so I pulled out a feather bed, and a camping mat, and the feather pillow bolster I made for Q8 some time ago (4 king-sized pillows sewed together, essentially, that she sleeps on). So nobody would be sleeping on the wood.

Q8 brought out her pillow, her back rest, C45's sleeping bag, a book, a flashlight, and put on some warm footie pjs and was ready for bed.

2014-10-24 20.48.10

I put on some warm pjs, wool socks, promptly lost my hat & scarf, pulled out a mummy bag, three pillows, and and extra blankie. I was ready.

Q8 read for a while then fell asleep

2014-10-24 20.50.05

I then looked up at the tree above us and realized if a limb fell we were toast. But then I fell asleep. In the end, I was still chilly at night!! Should have brought out a duvet, too. It only went down to 46 degrees, so it wasn't the mummy bag (I consulted with my friendly EMS expert also known as my best friend K44, who told me it must be rated to at least 20 degree F, and did I want to return it? Since I bought the thing in 1988, I declined ... ).

I'd definitely sleep there again. Anytime!

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