Tuesday, December 23, 2014

DC to MA route with a wee little stop in CT

First, a haircut.

2014-12-22 12.18.14

But more importantly, over the Christmas holiday we drove to Massachusetts, via Connecticut. We left on the 23rd at 3:18 am ... very very early. And I swear for the first 4.5 states all there was was fighting, EXCEPT for through Delaware, were I was asleep, so if there was fighting I don't actually know.

We left early, hit virtually no traffic (except some crossing the GWB, but even that wasn't bad). So we made great time. By the time we reached mid-Connecticut we decided it was time for breakfast. Katz's Deli in Woodbridge, CT  doesn't do breakfast, so we zoomed on through the tunnel and I thought we should go to O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown, CT. It had been many many years since I'd been even to Middletown, much less O'Rourke's.

Totally worth diving out of our way.


Q8 did NOT want her picture taken ...

... but we eventually got her!


While at the diner we met a family sitting by us. At the end of the meal he turned to us and asked if he knew us because I looked really familiar (me and my familiar face!!). Well, Wesleyan '92 ... he was Wesleyan "94. His name was Jesse somebody (darn my memory!) and we had Dan Wulf and Peter Clowney in common. But ... on we went to the bookstore where Q8 and I bought T-shirts and sweatshirts and bought C10 a notebook and pen.  

Then onto Massachusetts for the holiday.

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