Thursday, December 11, 2014

Last night was the winter concert. Beginning and 2nd year band, beginning and 2nd year orchestra, and the chorus. The chorus is why we were there, and why there have been near constant 7 am practices! 7 am. That means Q8 & C45 had to leave the house at 6:45 am to walk there. Then C45 would walk back and pick C10 up and walk back to school.  Lucky Lucy, she got two walks on those mornings.

The whole thing was an almost disaster for us. Q8 didn't want to wear her uniform (but was going to bring it). Then she didn't want to go at all. We had a talk (called, me yelping "you are GOING because you said you would and you can't let them DOWN!" and "if you want to disrespect the whole group by not wearing your uniform you can do that but if they don't let you sing we are going home and don't get to stay for ANY of it"

So Q8 put on her uniform (crying) and went to the show (crying, but stopped by the time we got there) and performed admirably. Ran to the car after it was over, where the crying recommenced.

And you can see it in her body language. She didn't want to be there, but she did loosen up a bit by the end. I didn't tape Felize Navidad (there was an arm in my way) but she started doing some bouncing and gesturing. Which was nice.

Three Little Birds they sang in October; here it is again. It just looks sideways. It plays upright.

Jingle Bell Rock

Winter Wonderland

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