Sunday, July 12, 2015

Climb Zone

K11 came down for Cousin Camp II ... actually, a week of Camp at Riversdale Mansion. But the first day she was here we decided to hit Climb Zone, instead.

OMG that place is FUN. Q9 was still a little sick, so she only climbed about a third of the time. But K11, C10, and I climbed the WHOLE time. SO. MUCH. FUN!

I was aching the next day.

K11 climbing up the Eiffel Tower:
2015-07-12 13.34.00

Me and K11 doing the speedwall:
2015-07-12 09.47.15

Q9 on the skateboard wall:
2015-07-12 09.33.34

C10 on the Snakes & Ladders wall:
2015-07-12 09.32.16

All three on the Map of the United States wall:
2015-07-12 09.24.19

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