Friday, July 31, 2015

Crayon Lipstick

Q9 is on top of all things interesting. The internet is a fascinating place. Which is where she learned about crayon lipstick, I'm sure. And decided she wanted to try it. Well, it is actually more like crayon lip balm, which is good, because in the winter she usually has cracked and bleeding lips. This can't hurt. Except for the waxy crayon goodness smell might be less then appealing, but, eh.

The first thing you do after deciding to make crayon lipstick is go out and buy all the stuff you don't have. No photos, but we bought Dixie Cups, coconut oil, and a pill box. Lipstick tubes would have been better but that takes TIME to come to us from the magical internet, and we wanted to do it NOW. So we went to Target and bought pillboxes instead.

Q9 and K9 picked out their crayon colors, lopped off the tops and bottoms, and peeled the paper off (apparently, you should NOT use the bits that have been sticking out to avoid germs. OK, why not, we'll try to avoid germs) (not that they washed their hands, I'm sure, but let's forget that for a moment).

Pill boxes have 7 days, so each girl got to choose seven colors. That's a lot of crayon lipstick!
2015-07-31 10.29.33

We cracked up the crayons into 4 bits, dropped them in the Dixie Cups, and added a small scoop of coconut oil.

2015-07-31 10.26.23

Then we microwaved it, 30 seconds at a time until the crayons melted. The coconut oil melted pretty much instantaneously.

2015-07-31 10.28.18

Once it was melted, we poured it into the open and waiting pill box

2015-07-31 10.31.28

When we filled all the sections ...

2015-07-31 10.36.16

We snapped the lids shut and stuck it in the freezer for a half an hour. And took them out with aplomb.
2015-07-31 11.03.38

And tried on the lipstick. Q9 and K9:
2015-07-31 10.51.27

I did, too:
2015-07-31 10.49.46

But C10 refused because she doesn't like lipstick. Or lip gloss. Or any of that kind of thing. That's why. She's my beautiful, all-natural, freckled girl.
2015-07-31 11.52.52

Can't say the same for pink hair and cyanosis lips, here! She's my beautiful artificially colored girl!
2015-07-31 11.04.13

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