Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Tree part I

It is wet, dreary, and a little bit chilly. So what better time than to get a tree???? We piled in the Honda, and drove to the nearest tree place, probably about a mile away. I think some members of our family would have preferred to have gone further afield, but this is what happened this time.

I was lobbying hard for a spruce, but we ended up getting a Douglas Fir, which is totally acceptable. Nobody else thought the prickly spruce was a good idea. I thought it was a good idea because the branches are sturdy, even though it essentially turns into a Christmas cactus by New Year's Day (which was somewhat of a disincentive). Apparently spruce are trees that cat owners like to get in order to discourage the kitties from climbing the trees and knocking all the ornaments off.  Not having a cat, I suppose we don't neeeeeeeed the spruce.

So Douglas Fir it is! They nicely tied it to the top of the car, as well.

2015-11-29 15.50.28

Tree is now up, unadorned, in our living room, just waiting for lights and decorations. Ok, no, it is waiting to dry off, first. But I wanted to bring it in and have it up and ready to go. I just need to make sure we water it every couple of hours ....

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